About Us

Who We Are

CCGS is Charleston's oldest and most respected full-service Destination Management Company and Receptive Tour Operator. Our forte is the fully-planned experience for groups visiting Charleston.

Where We Come From

Right here! Locally owned and family operated since 1986.

What we believe in

Exceeding Expectations

We set the bar high because we want to hear your guests saying things like "This is the best trip we've ever had" or "When do we get to come back".

Providing Value

We won't sacrifice quality just to give you the best price. What we will do is work within your budget to provide an exceptional Charleston experience worth writing home about.

Rising to a Challenge

We love a challenge and hate saying no. At CCGS we work diligently as a team to come up with creative solutions for your group's specific needs.

Being Honest

At CCGS, being straightforward and accountable is a must! We take great pride in building strong and long lasting relationships with our clients, vendors, suppliers, and employees; and know that without honesty and integrity, those relationships are simply not possible.

Being Nice

Southern hospitality is not a cliche to us; we take being polite, kind, and helpful very seriously.

Having Fun

Life's too short not to.

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